Guest Post from the Little Man

Little Man here. My mommy’s a little busy these days with homework so she said it would be OK if I blogged today.

That’s right. I’m one and I know the word ‘Blog’

I just have a few things to say as I am a man of little words.

I want to let everyone know that my mommy finally decided that it was time for me to get yet another haircut….hey what can I say…I have great hair.

I mean I don’t know what took her so long…I mean come on Mom. I know you’re busy and everything but my hair is Out. Of. Control. It could probably form a pretty awesome mohawk but it is definitely not practical for my everyday life of running and playing.

And I did keep telling her over and over, in my own way, that I needed a haircut. I can’t believe it took her that long to realize all the fussing about was about getting me a darn haircut.

But, I am now the proud new owner of a new hairdo that will definitely not get in the way of me playing. Here’s one last before look…

And now for the big reveal…

KA-CHOW! Sorry, we just got done watching Cars…but I mean come on…look at that haircut! I know it’s a little messy but it’s not in my eyes that’s for sure. And I think my hearing got better too since their wasn’t hair hanging down past my little ears.

They even gave me a lollipop cuz I was so good.

Well guys…its been great and all but I’ve got some toys calling my name. Until next time!



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