Little Miss

My little girl is growing up.


I mean look at this face…she can’t grow up…she just can’t

Still so sweet and innocent. I mean just yesterday we had this sweet conversation:

“Mom, I still love Brian.”

“Oh no…no no no baby. You’re too young to love anyone but Mommy, Daddy, and your brother.”

“But mom. You don’t understand. I do love Brian.”

“You just think you love Brian hunny. Pretty soon you’ll be going to school and meeting new friends and you’ll forget all about Brian.”

” Sigh. No mom. It’s my life. You have to understand it’s my life.”

Ah memories…my little girl is growing up and WAY to fast.

Whats with kids these days anyways….they want to be all grown up (as little miss says) until they are actually grown up and then they just want to be little again with no responsibilities.

Kendall 3 years old

Little Miss, I NEED you to stay little. I actually told her this the other day. She told me that she absolutely couldn’t stay little that one day she would be all growned up. I love how she says growned instead of grown. It makes me happy.

I don’t think I’ll ever correct her grammar again.

But we finally came to an agreement that when she was 84 she would finally be all growned up.

Then she’s going to turn 13 and I’m going to want her all growned up then.

I remember how I was at 13. Just ask my mother and father.

It was a dark time in my life.

Maybe we’ll just skip the teen years. She’ll go from 12 to 21. Sounds like the perfect plan to me.


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