Bad Parents

When we moved to our new duty station, we knew that we would be downsizing. Our house is smaller than the house we were renting and both the hubs and I were having a hard time trying to figure out what to do with all the stuff (which we really don’t have that much, I mean you should see my mom’s and grandma’s houses) but we were having a hard time all the same.

The problem: Kids….they have so MUCH stuff. The toys are out of control. I know, I know go through them…give them away. I have. I have gone through those toys over and over again and the biggest problem/ not problem is the fact that my daughter plays with every. single. toy. And before we moved, I packed up about 6 or 7 trash bags full of toys and stuffed animals and gave them all to Goodwill.

In the old house, we had a playroom…problem solved. So we decided a play room was a must in our house as well as an office and then of course a place for everyone to sleep.

So we had to find a way to take our 3 bedroom house and make it work for everything we needed it to do. Our nook is huge so we have our dining room table there and we’ve decided to turn our formal dining room into the playroom. And it’s working nicely. But where the heck were we going to fit in an office?

That’s when I came up with the mother of all ideas. The one where our kids may think of us as bad parents. But in our defense, we did talk to Little Miss about it and she was more than fine with the idea.

The kids are sharing a room. You heard right. They will both be occupying the same room at night. And our other bedroom will be used as our office.


And so far…for the past week, it’s worked out beautifully. Little man goes to bed 30 minutes before Little Miss and is typically asleep by the time she goes in for some quiet reading before she falls asleep.

And by the time they need their own room….we’ll either be moving to our dream place or we’ll just be ready to upgrade to a bigger place.

I’ll keep you posted on the results but I believe with all my heart that it will work out. And if it doesn’t, I guess we could always put the office in the garage 😉


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