Pool Time

One weekend…when it was really hot and unbearable

The problem is….here, at our current station…this time of year…it’s always hot and unbearable.

I need to be closer to the beach..it is calling my name. I mean I am a beach girl…100% beach girl. It’s where I’m destined to be.

But alas….I am now hours away from the beach instead of minutes.

Methinks we might have to take a trip to the beach soon.

I think my daughter would agree. She is a beach lover herself. As is the hubs and Little Man.

So since we’re not at the beach…we have to find other ways to beat the heat.

Like by going to the store and buying a kiddie pool.

So that your daughter can splash her little brother to make sure he doesn’t get overheated.

Little Miss is going to be 5 very very soon. She’s growing too fast.

I never believed my Mom when she told me that kids don’t stay little forever. I should really learn to listen to her more often. She’s typically right.

Lesson of the day: Listen to your mommy.

And buy a kiddie pool. It will complete you.


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