Hide and Seek

I have a weird child. He does funny and weird things. One of his new favorite things to do is walk or crawl around with his blanket covering his head.

He loves doing this. He thinks it’s awesomely wonderful. I throw the blanket over his head, he laughs and squeals with delight, and then usually walks or crawls into a wall.

Or a door

Where’s Little Man? Where on earth did my little man go?

To which Little Man replies by laughing, giggling, and wiggling his little body.

And this goes on and on and on until Little Man decides to reveal his whereabouts. I mean I would never ever be able to find him…he does have the greatest hiding spot ever….

I think he gets his great hiding skills from his sister. When Little Miss and I play hide and seek she hides somewhere and then I shout, “Ready or not here I come” and all I hear is her giggling and laughing from where she’s hiding…she’s stealthy. The best time was when I was pretending I had no idea where she was and I yelled out, “Little Miss, where are you” and she then proceeded to give me directions to where she was hiding…hide and seek fail.

Anyways…back to the point at hand. So after a few “Where’s Little Man” rounds and a few times of him walking into things, he’s finally ready for the big reveal…



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