Climbin Man

Little man has been perfecting his climbing methods the past couple of weeks and they have gotten pretty impressive.

He climbs on the sofas and from the sofas to the end tables

He climbs on his and his sissy’s stools

He climbs on the dining room table chairs

He climbs on the dining room table and then proceeds to play on his daddy’s computer…which is frowned upon but he seems not to care.

Which is the problem. I love that he loves to climb..the problem is that he doesn’t want to listen to anyone when we tell him “NO” In fact, he tends to go right back and try to do it again. Then he wonders why he gets in trouble and looks up at you with his big brown eyes all sad and full of regret so you just look the other way until you put him down after snuggling him and he goes right back to climbing on the table.

Little Miss, when she was his age, she knew that when you said “NO” that was that. she was always so good with that. Not little man…nope…”NO” means nothing to him.

Unless of course, he’s saying it to you…


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