Hot Hot Hot

To say it’s been hot here is an understatement. A HUGE understatement. It’s only June 1st and for the past two weeks, we’ve had highs in the high 90’s. One day it even said the high was 100. Hot…way to hot to sit outside and enjoy the day.

So the kids have been a little cooped up and they’re not liking it.

at all…especially little man…and he’s making sure I know about it.

But the other day, much to my surprise, the high was only in the high 80’s and yes we took advantage of the “cooler” temps and went outside and played and played and played.

Then little Miss decided she wanted to go outside in the front yard with daddy to help him on the car. And by help, she definitely meant draw on the driveway with chalk. When I went to get her for lunch her little cheeks were red from the heat and so I asked her the obvious…

“Hey little girl…you’re cheeks are red…why do you think that is?”

I knew the answer she was going to give me because her daddy had asked her the same question a minute or two before and told me the answer. But I wanted to hear it for myself.

“I know. They’re red because I’m smiling.”

“Not because it’s hot outside baby?”

“Nope…just because I’ve been smiling.”


One thought on “Hot Hot Hot

  1. sespi says:

    Aww, that’s cute! My dogs aren’t liking the heat either 😦 But I read that after this week, we’re supposed to drop down to the 80s and stay there for most of the summer… fingers crossed that that’s true!

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