My little man is growing…way way way too fast.

And he talks a LOT. But in that wonderful, adorable baby babble. He says a few words here and there but not the typical “dog” that most kids his age are saying.

He knows “mom” and “dad” and of course has learned the word “no”. It’s been his favorite for awhile now. In fact, at dinner a few nights ago I told him, “little man, you’ve gotta eat your dinner.”

And he looked me square in the eyes and said “no.”

The hubs, his sissy, and I died laughing.

He knows the word “yes” but instead of saying “yes” he has decided that “yeah” is the word for him. It’s kinda adorable. And when he’s feeling especially cute he’ll even say “oh yeah.”

Then there also “uh-oh.”

And he’s somehow picked up “Thank You” but it doesn’t come out as thank you but instead as “dank you.”

And then there’s my absolute favorite word that my little man says.


Yup…somehow and somewhere along the way, little man has learned Whoa and it sounds absolutely adorable when he says it.

and he says it like he’s made some big discovery…like “Whoa…this is some flower” or “Whoa, my dad is the coolest.”

It’s kinda hilarious and adorable all at the same time.

And yes…I’m still working on that shrink ray so I can keep him my little man forever 😉


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