I’m almost back to full health! WOOT! But that’s not what this post is about.

It’s about my daughter and how she’s pretty much awesome and hilarious. We had an interesting conversation the other day that somehow lead up to college and what she would be when she grows up. I told her she could be anything she wanted. A doctor, teacher, businesswoman, architect, scientist, and even a veterinarian.

“What’s a veterinarian mommy?”

“It’s a doctor for animals. You know when you went with your ya-ya to take Scamp to the doctor? That was the vet.”

“Oh. But I can’t be a vet.”

“Well why not baby?”

“Do you know what they have in their office? It’s disgusting.”

“Um, what do they have in their office baby?”

“A heart….with worms.”

“Oh..that’s because animals can get heart worms.”

“But mom. No..wait…it was a HEART…..with WORMS.”

Yup was a little bit speechless after that. So I told her to think about it and that she had lots and lots of time to think about what she wants to be before she goes to college.

Then she told me she’s not ready to go to college.

Don’t worry baby…I’m never going to be ready for that.


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