Four Year Old Ramblings

This weekend was a very interesting one for our beautiful, curious daughter. Not only did she draw a huge painting on her wall…[you can read about that here] but she also said all types of fun stuff.

For example, while we were driving home from running errands:

“Mom, I think I’m pretty talented.”

And then later that day while we were just hanging out at the house:

“Dad, I’m concerned.”

“Concerned about what baby?”


Yup the conversation ended there. We still don’t really know what she was concerned about.

But the best one of all came later that same day. And thank goodness she asked her daddy because I was DYING laughing…

“Hey, daddy.”

“Yes baby.”

“How do babies come out?”

“uh, uh…what…huh…”

“How do babies come out?’

[I was dying laughing in the other room waiting for the answer]

“Um, well….um….Go ask your mother.”

And thankfully she did not come and ask me. The issue has been dropped for now but it was a priceless moment between a father and a daughter.


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