When I was putting my daughter to bed Saturday night, I discovered something. You see…as I was saying goodnight to my princess I kept thinking to myself, “man that wall looks different that normal. What is wrong with her wall.”

And I sat there, in the dark of her room, wondering what the heck was wrong with her wall. There was definitely something different. And then…it hit me.


I was furious, then not so furious, then not mad at all. You see, our daughter, our wonderful, beautiful daughter, did this to her wall

Yes. She drew a huge picture that goes from one side of her wall…to the other.

She drew people and flowers

A rainbow

A sun with some clouds

But the kicker…she signed her name

Backwards “N” and messed up “D” signed her name.

I wanted to be mad at her. Truly I did. But I was so impressed and proud at her creativity that I couldn’t just yell at her. So I didn’t. I calmly said:

“Baby, I LOVE your drawing but you can’t draw on the walls. You have to use paper.”

I then took her crayons that she had cautiously taken into her room without my knowledge and told her that crayons and markers and paint are no more for a week unless we are doing our learning activities.

Then I got her father. Yup told him that he would be impressed by what was found. Of course, he was skeptical. Men are always so skeptical aren’t they?!

And I told him he couldn’t yell, I had already taken care of the discipline. Now he was kinda worried because I still hadn’t told him what I had found on her wall.

So we walked to her room and he couldn’t help but be proud.

While we definitely made it known that it wasn’t OK to write on the walls, we wanted her to also know that she had drawn something beautiful. Because creativity…in a child…is the most wonderful thing ever.

And the next morning, Easter morning, I was reminded that you shouldn’t yell before you get the entire story because she proceeded to tell her father that she drew on her wall for one reason.

“Daddy, I just wanted to give you and mom the best Easter present ever.”

I think I’ll hold her forever.


4 thoughts on “Discovery

    • Stacy Fiore says:

      Right…I’m going to leave it up until we leave or they have to show the house….whichever comes first 🙂

    • Stacy Fiore says:

      LMAO! It is HUGE and beautiful and I love that she is so creative….But I don’t love drawings on my walls…Magic erasers here we come 😉

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