We have officially started chores with my daughter.

Oh the joys of chores. It’s actually been going really well and we’ve been doing it almost a week.

This is good news for me because I thought it would be a disaster for sure.

We decided to use the Melissa and Doug chore chart and it has been wonderful.

Some of the chores are a little old for my little girl but some of them are perfect. Some are easy and some are harder.

And there’s smiley faces that you give for each chore that’s done. My princess loves putting on the smiley faces at the end of the day and seeing how many she gets. She gets an allowance at the end of each week based on how many smiley faces she gets (each one is worth a dime for a total of $5 possible each week) and then some goes into a savings jar and some goes into her spending jar.

She loves it and I’ve noticed a huge change in her in just a week. She even picked up all her toys in her room the other day without me telling her to.

Although later we found all the toys shoved under her bed.

I guess we have a little more work to do šŸ˜‰



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