Quote of the Week -6-

I don’t know how many of you out there watch “How I Met Your Mother” but I absolutely do. Love the show and LOVE Barney Stinson who is played by Neil Patrick Harris. Anyways…I woke up today feeling like crap thanks to my allergies (hello pollen please go away) and thought this quote was appropriate because it will always and forever put a smile on my face.

Happy Monday everyone ❤


2 thoughts on “Quote of the Week -6-

  1. ostranderblog says:

    LOVE that show!!! He is hilarious. We were so sad when we ran out of shows on iTunes… lol. I would buy the Barney Quotes book too! 😉 Hmmm marketing idea – re-watch ALL of the How I Met Your Mother, and type Barney quotes … Hope you feel better!

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