Coffee Please

We drove a very long way yesterday.

About 7 hours.

It was fun.

Then this girl. This sweet sweet girl said something. It was absolutely hilarious.

But I can’t tell you just yet. There is a back story I must tell first.

Her daddy came home. She has been attached to him.

Loves watching him to anything and if he doesn’t like something, well then she doesn’t either.

In fact, I put on a song that she LOVED and when the hubs said yuck well then my darling daughter said yuck along with him.

It’s cute and annoying all at the same time.

So yesterday, before we hit the road, we hit Starbucks for some breakfast on the go. Oh and coffee.

Three hours later, our daughter, asked me for this…

“I’ll have an iced caramel latte please.”


“I’ll have an iced caramel latte please.”

No joke. And no I don’t feed her starbucks….that may just happen to be the exact drink her daddy ordered a few hours earlier.



2 thoughts on “Coffee Please

  1. Gina Dampier says:

    Your kids look like models. I love the things Kendal says! You are a wonderful mother and I hope a very proud one too!!!

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