Milspouse Friday Fill-in 36

1. What romance movie scene reminds you of your s/o or spouse and the LOVE you share? submitted by Simply Sunshine and Daisy’s
This is a hard one. There are so many movies that I relate to me and the hubster but, of course, only think about it when I’m watching the movie. I’d have to say P.S I love you in the very beginning when they are fighting and then make up. Everything that Gerard Butler’s characters says is something my hubs would say. This reminds me most of my husband and it’s something he pretty much says to me all the time.

Gerard Butler(Gerry) “I still wake up every morning and the first thing I want to do is see your face.”

2. If you were allowed to deploy with your husband to a war zone would you and why? submitted by I & J
Nope. Not ever. The hubs shuts down his emotions in order to do his job while he’s over there and I couldn’t handle the hubs minus emotions (I am an emotional type of girl) And, I wouldn’t survive. I commend all our soldiers for the conditions they deal with while deployed because I’m a big sissy and couldn’t handle any of it.

3. Have you ever done anything (intentionally, or unintentionally) to embarrass your spouse/significant other in front of his military cohorts?  submitted by Marrying the Navy
No. In fact, I typically embarrass myself and not my husband. I have my “blonde” moments that every one finds particularly funny. And it’s hard to embarrass the hubster. What normal people may think is embarrassing, he does not.

4. What is your most irrational fear? submitted by Eights on the Move
Clowns. I’m terrified of clowns. I suck it up for the kids sometimes but I don’t like them one bit. They freak me out in the most freaky way. I used to have no problem with it and then I watched the movie “It” at too young of an age (We girls had a sleepover and thought it would be fun to watch a freaky movie). Ever since that day I am terrified of clowns.

5. If you could only live in one kind of climate for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?  submitted by Many Waters
Tropical. I grew up by the beach, I love the beach and I want to be at the beach. But not like the beach in the North where the water is cold. Nope. The tropical beaches of Hawaii or some exotic Island or even my beloved Florida. Love everything about it. Bare feet, sand, painted toes, minimal clothing. Ah…the good days!


6 thoughts on “Milspouse Friday Fill-in 36

  1. sespi says:

    My best friend is afraid of clowns because of It too! How funny. I wonder how many people can trace their fear of clowns back to that movie… And we definitely do like different climates! Funny, because I grew up by the beach too 😉 I just always dreamed of snow and rain.

    • Stacy Fiore says:

      I seriously don’t know what we were thinking. A bunch of girls watching it at a sleepover at like 13 years old.

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