Last Night

Two things happened last night.

One was hilarious.

And one not so much.

One involves this beauty

And the other involves this beautiful man who may just happen to be my hubby 😉

We’ll start at the beginning….

1. I made my husband watch Tangled with me and the kids last night.

2. It was hilarious because the hubs isn’t into princess movies.

3. He watched the entire movie and then claimed it was pretty good.

4. I win

Then this happened

1. Took my princess to get ready for bed.

2. When she was done brushing her teeth she jumped down from the counter (she sits on the bathroom counter while brushing her teeth because she is constantly moving her two stools to places unknown).

3. She didn’t quite pay attention to where she was landing and smashed her chin into the counter which then lead to her top teeth crunching down on her tongue.

4. She cried a lot.

5. I wanted to cry for her especially after I saw she was bleeding.

6. I lost.

The hubs will probably kill me later for sharing the fact that he watched a princess movie last night. My daughter wanted me to tell the world of her accident.


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