Paper, Crayon, and Markers…Oh My

I love my little man. He is pretty awesome and growing like a weed. I am still trying to make that shrink ray, but until then I’ll just keep him and his sister all locked up 😉

But there is something you need to know about the little guy.

He LOVES paper, crayons,and markers. And I don’t mean he loves to color with them (which he kinda does) but no. What I mean is that he loves to eat them.

In fact, I think if he could eat them on a daily basis for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, he would be a very very happy camper.

And even though you think that you’ve picked them all up after your 4 year old princess is done coloring….He’ll find one or two and once you notice  he has one…he runs.

Runs and hides….well tries to hide. Let’s face it…he’s one. Not the best hider in the world.

Thank goodness, they’re nontoxic.


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