School Woes

My daughter turns 5 in just a short few months which means she gets to start Kindergarten this fall. I’m scared. Unbelievably scared.

I’m just gonna keep her home forever and ever.

And I’m going to invent a shrink ray so I can shrink her and keep her in my pocket forever.

Yup, that’s what I’m going to do.

Why am I scared. For a few reasons actually.

-1- I don’t know which school will be best for her. Public? Private? Homeschooling? The decisions are endless and it doesn’t help that we’re sort of in limbo with our duty assignment right now. We know we don’t want to stay where we’re at which means we could be moving and to where…I’m not quite sure. Makes making the decision even harder.

-2- Kids today are learning things much much earlier than ever before. Kids are swearing sooner, talking about sex sooner, having sex sooner, etc and so forth. I am scared for my daughter to be in that environment. What parent wouldn’t be? I know they have to live their life and figure things out for themselves but seriously…why do kids want to grow up so fast?

-3- Um school shootings and kidnappings anyone. Enough said.

So yes…Mama is a little scared and I think that she is growing up WAY to fast!

So I guess, I better get started on that shrink ray. It’s probably my only hope!


2 thoughts on “School Woes

  1. Nikki says:

    My son is only 10.5 months old and I already worry about these things. School seems like a dangerous place these days. I vote we just lock em up until they are about 30.

    • Stacy Fiore says:

      I think we should definitely keep them locked up! School is supposed to be a safe place for kids but unfortunately is has gotten more and more unsafe 😦

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