The Incident

I had a fabulous weekend. I have so much to tell but that will have to wait until later. All I will tell you was there was a book signing and it was exciting. Anyways this is more about what happened after we got done at the book signing. The incident that we will never speak of after this moment.

I took my kids to the book signing partly because I had no one to watch them and partly because the person whose book signing it was (it may or may not have bee The Pioneer Woman), absolutely LOVES kids. They were both really good considering we were there for 3 hours except little man decided that day of all days to be as loud as he possibly could. So we walked into the room where they were having the Pioneer Woman do her little talk and the book signing and there is a BIG, HUGE, wonderful looking cake. My 4 year old of course wanted some right then and there but they weren’t serving it until later. So I told her she would most definitely be getting a big beautiful piece of cake as soon as we were done with everything. She was a doll during the entire thing (with one or two hiccups) but a doll none-the-less. So after all was said and done, we got her a piece of cake and headed to the car.

Why the car you ask? Well everyone was pretty tired from standing in a line for an hour and my smart wonderful self decided to wear heels because I wouldn’t be standing that long. Little did I know I would have to be standing and holding little man for 2 hours in order to keep him quiet. My feet were KILLING me. All I wanted was to take my shoes right off my feet. Just so you know, my feet are still hurting and it’s 3 days later. So I told her she could eat it in the car. I did not care about cake crumbs at that point. Just my feet.

So my hands are completely full and my best girlfriend (who came down for the event), her hands are full and Kendall is marching to the car cake in hand. And she made it all the way to the car cake in hand. She was determined to have her cake with the blue stuff on top.

As I’m putting little man in his seat all I hear is a gasp and then a sigh and then a I fail from my girlfriend. I asked what happened and I heard, “I dropped the cake.”

It seems that it was either the door slam my daughter in the head because it wasn’t opened all the way or the cake be dropped so my girlfriend could save the head of my daughter from being smashed. Of course I would have chosen stop head being smashed as my girlfriend did but my daughter couldn’t understand and was choosing cake.

You can imagine the events that unfolded next. Inconsolable child, mother trying to make everything better, etc etc. Finally I won and made my little girl feel all better. I even let her stay up a little later than normal.

But now I have to make a cake with blue stuff on top because that was our deal. The only thing that would make her better was if I promised to make a cake with her. And not just any cake but the one that was at the book signing. But you wanna know something…something sneaky and only a mom would tell you? I think she’s forgotten about the entire thing.


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