A Book Review

I just finished The Pioneer Woman’s New book, “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.

I finished it in two days.

I couldn’t put it down.

It was AWESOME! And I’m not just saying that because I LOVE the Pioneer Woman and her site but because it was truly an amazing book. It is a love story through and through but not a typical love story which made it better. The entire time I was reading it, I thought of good happy thoughts and even some sad times of my husband and I. I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic lately about the hubs probably due to the fact that the countdown has begun and he will be done saving the world soon. And this book definitely took me down memory lane. I also learned a few fun facts like the Pioneer Woman’s wedding anniversary is two days before mine and we both found out we were pregnant a short five weeks or so after we got married. Funny huh…

It was a great book and I can’t wait until this weekend when I can actually tell her in person! Pioneer Woman book signing! WOOT!


2 thoughts on “A Book Review

  1. sespi says:

    Arggh, I don’t have the new book yet! I need to get it though, because I’m going to the book signing this weekend too! And I’m sooooooo excited!

    • Stacy Fiore says:

      Definitely need to get it! It was great! I’m so excited for the book signing! @bohotransplant is going to be here to so we should meet up or something!

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