Hair Color Fail

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had very blonde hair. VERY BLONDE hair. And of course, now that I’m older my roots don’t come in as blonde so I have to dye it all the time which is getting to be very tiring and annoying. So a couple weeks ago I got brave and decided to color my hair darker than the norm. I was so crazy nervous that I would look horrible but I went and did it anyway.

After I got all the dye out of my hair and dried it, I took a look and was surprisingly happy with how it turned out. I could tell there was a difference. It wasn’t dark by any means but I thought it was darker. A couple of days went by and I realized something.

The hair dye failed me. My hair was darker but not dark enough considering I went down 3 damn shades of hair dye. Yeah you could barely tell a difference. While it does look toned down slightly, it’s not enough.

Hair color FAIL!


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