Separation Anxiety 101 Please

I love my little man. He is Mommy’s boy at the moment and he loves to snuggle which I love especially since my 4 year old princess is snuggling less and less with Mommy and becoming more and more independent.

But my little man has hit a new stage in his life. The stage of separation anxiety. I never dealt with it with my daughter. She was always around lots of people and everyone wanted to watch her for me. That was the joy of being near all of my family while she was so young. My son, on the other hand, hasn’t been around many people and is pretty much always with me. Safe to say he likes when I’m around and hates when I leave.

For those of you who haven’t experienced the wonders of separation anxiety, it goes a little something like this. I put him down, he cries; I walk out of the room, he cries; I stand two feet away from him, he cries; I hold him and snuggle him, he doesn’t cry. See the pattern here. I’m pretty sure, at this point in time, he thinks I should hold him all day every day.

The biggest problem with it all is that when he cries, he has one tear that just sits under his little eye. That one tear makes him look so sad and lonely. And sometimes I feel like the tear is screaming at me, “You’re a bad mother! You won’t even pick up your son who has an actual tear in his eye! What are you THINKING!” I know, a little crazy, but that one tear guilt trips me for the rest of the day.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go away separation anxiety! I don’t want you to stick around!


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