I have so much going on in my brain that I can’t write down one thing in particular. I think it’s the opposite of writer’s block and my brain has become so overwhelmed that it is threatening to shut down. Which is definitely not a good thing. My brain only works half the time on any given day anyways so a complete shutdown would be disastrous. But there are a few things I would like to say.

1. I celebrated my 27th birthday yesterday and I am still completely overwhelmed with all the birthday love ❤

2. My husband sent me birthday roses. Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL ❤

3. My husband, being the sweet man he is…also sent our daughter flowers just because…they are super pretty and made her day yesterday!

4. My daughter got her flowers first because for some reason, 1-800 Flowers thought it would be smart to order from two different florists even though they were going to the same house. FAIL!

5. My house smells amazing because of our beautiful flowers

6. I can’t believe I’m one year closer to being 30

7. One of my sista’s from another mister (yes I have more than one) is coming to see me soon and I am SUPER stoked!

8. Pioneer Woman is having one of her book signings 15 minutes away from my house…that is pure awesomeness!

9. I absolutely ❤ these two. It doesn’t hurt that I was the one who carried them for 9 months and brought them into this world. But I do absolutely ❤ these two.

10. I really really really wish I could stay in bed and sleep All. Day. Long.


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