The Kettlebell-My New Best Friend

Meet The kettlebell. I know, they don’t look like anything special. But these babies..oh these babies….they are my new best friend!
I started a new workout routine yesterday. I can’t get to the gym with the rugrats so my husband found me an at home routine. Isn’t he awesome…all the way on the other side of the world trying to save it and he’s finding me workouts. God love that man!

I checked it out, tried to figure out the moves by myself and then found a nice little video explaining the moves for me. I will share the workout with everyone at a later date…once I’ve proven that it does or does not work. After yesterday, I have little doubt that it will not work.

As soon as I was done with the workout, which consists of 6 moves, I was already sore. I have never gone to the gym, lifted weights, and been immediately sore. And I’ve done some time in the gym people. Tired yes, sore no. And of course, the soreness would be worse in the morning.

I’m happy to say that my abs hurt, my arms hurt, my legs hurt, my butt hurts, it all hurts. These 6 moves, 6 little moves and this


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