My 2010

Ah the year 2010. It seems like just yesterday I was saying goodbye to 2009. The years are going by way to fast. In just 11 days my son will turn 1 and in just a few short weeks I will be turning 27. The years are DEFINITELY going by way to fast.

A lot happened in 2010. I had a beautiful baby boy, got to spend the majority of the year with my husband home, moved to a different base only to find out that we don’t like said base, watched my daughter turn into a beautiful young lady, said goodbye to my grandma, said hello to baby Lilly, tried to find a job; only to be unsuccessful, and continued the journey to my wonderful Bachelor’s degree.

All in all, 2010 wasn’t a bad year. But I’m ready for the changes and surprises that will come in 2011. I will graduate from college, my husband comes home, my son turns 1, and my daughter turns 5 and starts Kindergarten! There are other possibilities for the year 2011 but I don’t want to jinx them…so I’ll leave you in suspense.

So welcome to my life 2011! You better treat me right!


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