“But Where’s You Kitchen?”

My daughter…ah she can be quite funny.

First of all, she is at a stage in her life where she doesn’t like talking to people on the phone. This has been a little difficult for her daddy since he’s been away. He’s said a few words to her and that be all.

Well, for some reason, today, the little princess very much wanted to talk to her daddy. And of course, today was the day that I almost missed him…we finally got hooked up on the computer and it was go time…

The little lady talked to him and kept putting her face in front of the web cam on my laptop. She thought that was pretty funny. But the best part of the conversation was when we were talking about his room. She asked where he was and he said in his room. Normal answer….the rest of the conversation, however, was pure awesomeness.

The hubs showed her around his “room” which consists of a bed and a locker. Then he showed us where his roommates stayed and our daughter got a very confused look on her face and proceeded to ask, “But where is your kitchen?” Seriously..how about where’s the bathroom…nope she asked him, “where’s the kitchen.” So he explained that he didn’t have one which made her very upset and she proceeded to ask, “then what do you do for breakfast?” Again, not lunch or dinner, but she was very concerned where her daddy got his breakfast. One of the cutest conversations ever…

Which actually ended with us trying to explain why it was night where daddy was and day where we were. I am still having to explain that one.


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